RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. This is a kind of computer memory, which, different from other storage devices such as hard disks or DVDs, permits the data to be accessed directly without reading the previous content stored inside it. Whenever an app is started, it is stored in the RAM, because it can be accessed considerably quicker than if it was read from another media device. With regard to the web hosting service itself, extra RAM means that more web apps can operate concurrently on a given hosting server, especially when they're resource-demanding and are accessed by a great number of of people at the same time. Not like a shared web hosting solution where the system resources of a particular account can be flexible and quite often depend on what other end users consume too, a VPS offers a guaranteed amount of RAM you can use all the time. That memory is allocated to one web server only and will not be used by other customers even when it is not in use.
Guaranteed RAM in VPS Web Hosting
All our virtual private server plans feature a guaranteed amount of RAM. To put it differently, even when you use only a tiny fraction of the system resources your package features, we will not assign the free resources to some other VPS account on the exact same physical web server. Since we create only a few virtual servers on a physical one, the latter shall always have ample free memory to ensure the correct performance of all VPS accounts even if their RAM allocation is upgraded substantially at some time. If you also decide to upgrade your package deal or to keep the latest one and to add only more memory, the new amount shall also be reserved just for your account. That way, we guarantee that your web sites will function adequately at all times regardless of what the other VPS accounts are using.
Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Servers Hosting
All of our dedicated server solutions feature a great deal of physical memory, that will enable you to run incredibly heavy web apps without any difficulties. We use new and meticulously tested hardware components when we build a new hosting server to guarantee that there will never be any troubles of any type. The RAM memory is not an exception and if you order a dedicated server, we will make sure that you get the best functionality possible from the configuration which you have selected. Even if we identify that you aren't using the total capacity of the hosting server, we will never alter the hardware in any way, so the total amount of RAM that will be readily available shall always be the same. You are able to check out the configuration, including the physical memory, inside your billing Control Panel at any time.